#LetsTalkAboutIt: What is it like to deal with OCD?

#LetsTalkAboutIt: What is it like to deal with OCD? thumbnail
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What is it like to cope with OCD? Dr. McMahon talks about essential things to comprehend about what it resembles to deal with OCD and the effect it has on self-confidence and relationships with others.

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Photo Credit: Baxter, L. R., Jr, Phelps, M. E., Mazziotta, J. C., Guze, B. H., Schwartz, J. M., & Selin, C. E. (1987). Regional cerebral glucose metabolic rates in obsessive-compulsive condition. A contrast with rates in unipolar anxiety and in typical controls. Archives of basic psychiatry, 44( 3 ), 211–218. 3

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