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I utilized to truly have problem with high levels of stress and anxiety in my 20’s. My mother was a huge worrier when I was young and I think I acquired the practice.

It got to a point where it was interrupting my life in every element – work, relationships, self-esteem, physical and psychological health. I was having anxiety attack and even visited the ER one night. I understood something needed to be done!

Experiencing unusually high levels of stress and anxiety eventually in your life is extremely typical. Stress and anxiety, when left unattended, can truly affect the quality of your life!

Follow these ideas to assist conquer serious stress and anxiety and get your stress and anxiety levels in CHECK!

1. Acknowledge that you are experiencing stress and anxiety – see your GP for medical diagnosis
2. Approach it with the best mindset – shut out negativeness
3. Connect – get assistance by talking with somebody
4. Establish anti-anxiety abilities and methods (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) – l
5. Practice meditation & mindfulness (M&M) – Video on psychological health advantages of M&M -/ > 6. Think about organic treatments & other supplements – magnesium supplements, lavender oil bath, chamomile tea
7. Workout frequently – a minimum of 30 minutes of workout 3-4x a week
8. Establish an useful schedule – assists keep your mind inhabited
9. Do not hesitate to take anti-anxiety medication
10. Utilize a journal – document your ideas and sensations

Fore more incredible information on stress and anxiety and healing strategies, my therapist, Tom Gibbons at Transitions Bermuda has an exceptionally informative website I suggest you have a look at! – m

Id’ love to speak with you !! – what are a few of the methods you handle stress and anxiety in your life? COMMENT BELOW!

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