How to Overcome Anxiety. (upgraded 2019)

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Hello everybody,
a while ago I did a video on how I conquered my anxiety.I wished to do an upgraded variation of that to reveal you people I am still succeeding, if not much better. My pal Paul David who runs the page that assisted me a lot of years ago wished to utilize my story on his page so I chose to include it here likewise as I understand some individuals were questioning how I was doing.
This page, run by my pal Paul, was a primary pivotal moment for me and I extremely suggest you inspect it out if you have stress and anxiety! His book “At Last A Life” which you can discover on the website is the very first literature on stress and anxiety I had actually discovered that was so practical I began to feel much better after beginning the procedure. I am so glad I discovered this website and I hope that you people can discover the very same relief as I did all those years earlier.

Also have a look at

I likewise discuss mindfulness and meditation, I advise perhaps beginning with much shorter meditations that are focused around breathing and the construct from there. I did movie a video on meditation.

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