How To Overcome Anxiety (Heather ‘s Story)

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Heather shares her individual story of conquering stress and anxiety, anxiety attack, and tension. She information her journey of facing her worries, which took her from New York to California and after that Seattle.

Heather and I matured a mile far from each other in the Bay Area, yet we didn’t end up being good friends up until later on in life. We’ve seen each other through life’s ups and downs these last couple of years, and we’re sharing a little bit of our stories. Heather responds to the following concerns in this video:

What’s an obstacle you’ve dealt with?
What does stress and anxiety seem like?
What triggered your stress and anxiety?
Why did you choose to handle the discomfort?
What assisted you get rid of stress and anxiety?
What recommendations would you offer to others who deal with stress and anxiety?

I hope you’re motivated by this story. No matter where you are with your psychological health, understand that you are never ever alone.

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Stand high,
Joanna Lai

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Video clip of Heather speaking at beginning originates from the Seattle School’s Vimeo page. Video is entitled “Commencement 2018: Heather Casimere”: 6

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