How To Overcome Anxiety

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Listen Today to Master Lama Rasaji Share with You His Biggest “Fear” When He Was
Growing Up as A Young Teenager.

Even The Thought of Doing This Would Make Him Fearful and Full of Anxiety.

Also, You Will Hear How He Overcame His Own Anxiety Syndrome, And You Will Want Everyone You Know who Has Experienced This Issue One Or More Times to Heart Today’s Daily Lama.

Hello, I am Master Lama Rasaji and this is the Daily Lama. Please be sure to subscribe to our channel, like this video, and share it with others to assist them hear the details and advantage from it. Thank you and your household a lot for supporting us, and visiting to find out today’s lesson. Let’s let today’s lesson and let’s let today title be, How To Overcome Anxiety. Wow. How To Overcome Anxiety? Do you understand anyone that’s distressed all the time in your life? Is your loved one? Is your mom, your daddy? Are they distressed you might even have some teenage kids? The number of individuals do you understand today that are on Xanax or they’re greatly medicated since they state they have stress and anxiety?

I’m going to show you a little story. It’s most likely going to blow your mind entirely into another measurement. My most significant worry and my most significant stress and anxiety getting rid of, you’re going to discover this truly tough to think taken place when I was 12 years of ages and I was just about 3 months out of surgical treatment where they had really noticable my body dead on arrival, in the healthcare facility, in the middle of surgical treatment stopped 2 times the function ran out the body. I was completely mindful of what was taking place, fulfilled Jesus and Mary. Jesus and Mary presented me to bow young, my coach. Today the MaHA Lama, 132 years of ages since this previous April himself. Remarkable. Was likewise revealed things that would be occurring in my life the next number of years. Some looked interesting, some want to type of freaky, actually. And the very first significant test was going to appear when I approached seventh grade. My mommy and my father believed that I was too small and naturally they were over secured from a kid who simply generally had actually lost his life. God’s energy and the Holy Spirit chose to reanimate me while doing so right on the operating room. Oh Yun informed me when I ran out the body throughout surgical treatment, that you came here to do something, something unique. You came here to set the record straightnd you require to inform individuals. Well think what, my very first obstruction, or that very first fence that I required to climb up over, didn’t understand, however at that time was my most significant worry. Since I was still so delicate, you understand, 12 years of age weighing about 80 pounds.? The kidney illness that I had actually had actually stunted my development that had almost fried my adrenal glands. Cortisol tension hormonal agent within me impacted my development hormonal agent DHEA. And it simply didn’t work out. I took a look at my half-older bro who was a lot larger than me. My father was big compared to me. His sibling was even larger and his 2 boys were even larger than that. And it resembled certainly what had actually occurred was the disease had actually stunted my development. Had not gone into martial art school. Can you think of? That was who I was. I had actually endured death and I understood that on the other side of it, we didn’t pass away. Which was effective.


0: 00 – How To Overcome Anxiety Info
0: 28 – How To Overcome Anxiety
1: 00 – Are You on Medication?
2: 00 – Rasaji’s Anxiety on The Other Side
6: 00 – Fear of Passing?
8: 00 – Rasaji’s 2nd Anxiety Experience
10: 00 -Rasaji’s 3rd Anxiety Experience
14: 30 – What To Do If You Have Anxiety
18: 00 – Rasaji’s 4th Anxiety Experience
20: 00 – Feeling Anxious, Over Exaggerate Exhalation

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