How To Overcome Anxiety: 3 Proven Tips|Karan Bajaj

How To Overcome Anxiety: 3 Proven Tips|Karan Bajaj thumbnail

Tips to come out of stress and anxiety- the methods that have actually worked for me! Do let me understand in the remarks if this basic assisted meditation for stress and anxiety assists you come out of stress and anxiety naturally.

0: 00 – Intro
0: 43 – Chapter 1: How Anxiety Occurs?
1: 18 – Chapter 2: Practice 1 (Noting)
2: 19 – Chapter 3: Practice 2 (Control Your Input)
3: 45 – Chapter 4: Practice 3 (Emotional Acceptance)
5: 07 – Wrap up

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Karan Bajaj, previous CEO and Founder of WhiteHat Jr, now BYJU’s FutureSchool, is the successful author of Keep off the Grass, Johnny Gone Down, and The Seeker, released by HarperCollins and Penguin Random House.

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