October 3, 2022
How to get rid of stress and anxiety|Conquering a Toxic World Part 2 thumbnail

What do we do when stress and anxiety attacks? When stress deforms our hearts and minds? 40 million Americans battle with stress and anxiety and worry, and 1/3 of our health care system is committed to dealing with stress and anxiety. What occurs when we’ve been bitten by the contaminants of stress and anxiety and stress and anxiety beings to work its method us and those that we like? Exists a method to discover real and enduring peace?

In this message from City Alliance’s series, “Overcoming a Toxic World Part 2,” Pastor Nithin assists us to seek to Jesus for our source of strength when we are nervous. Although stress and anxiety might trigger havoc in our hearts and minds, there is a treatment. We can have the peace of God from the God of peace. Let’s find out how to discover hope and recovery together!

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