How to get rid of driving stress and anxiety

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How to conquer driving stress and anxiety with 14 driving stress and anxiety ideas.
After 3.5 years of highway fear I had the ability to conquer driving stress and anxiety by doing these 14 things– and am presently 10,500 miles (In Boulder, CO at the time of publishing) into a solo USA journey!!

If my brain can be completely rewired to no longer have driving stress and anxiety, yours can too. Even if you believe you can not alter, I think you can. You can take a look at more of my story in my TEDx Talk, “The Secret That Almost Killed Me,” here:

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So practice these conquered driving stress and anxiety tools and leave any Qs for me in the remarks, I’ll attempt to address them all:-RRB-

You got this!
See you on the open roadway:-RRB-

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