7 Steps to Overcome Anxiety and Fear in Grief – How to Overcome Anxiety and Fear

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7 Steps to Overcome Anxiety and Fear in Grief
1. Take a Reality Check
2. Examine your ideas
3. State “I am all right”.
4. Belief you can stop it
5. Launch your worry
6. Practice – Rewiring your brain takes practice
7. Enter your worry with belief, in a brand-new method.

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Grieving draws and you should not need to do it alone. You should have assistance.
It’s a reality that nobody taught us how we need to grieve. And I understand first-hand that what you are going through today is tough enough, without needing to figure everything out by yourself. I’m here to inform you that looking for assistance in the mourning procedure is a real indication of strength, not weak point!

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About Catherine McNulty
After losing her infant kid in 2011, Catherine started a journey to do more than make it through sorrow. The loss permanently altered the trajectory of her life and sent her trying to find significance and function for the life she was offered. She transported the love for her child into her own recovery, self-growth and individual empowerment.

Today, she has actually developed a structure to sorrow that interferes with standard methods of taking a look at loss. She challenges her customers to step beyond a victim state of mind and gain back control of how they browse sorrow. She teaches how to grow through sorrow and motivates speaking honestly about sorrow to break down the walls of silence around sorrow.
Catherine lives in San Diego with her household where she speaks, composes, and uses training to those who wish to do more than simply make it through sorrow.

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